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Making the Most of Commercial Lighting Control Systems

September 26, 2019 | Best Practices | Lighting

Incorporate the right commercial lighting control system in the right place to capture the greatest savings and efficiencies

commercial lighting control systems

Code compliance, automation, cost control, safety, convenience, and energy savings: The benefits that lighting controls bring to schools, healthcare, manufacturing, and commercial spaces are many. But these systems can be complex and, as a result, sometimes misused or misunderstood.

Commercial lighting control systems have come a long way since the analog devices of the 1980s and 1990s. Today, controls are managed digitally and remotely. They go beyond on/off and output adjustment to do things like:

  • Recreate circadian rhythms for better learning and healing
  • Connect to enterprise networks to capture data for decision-making about space utilization and HVAC
  • Provide lighting scenes to match what’s happening inside a space at a specific time

You probably know Van Meter has a dedicated lighting team to help you improve energy efficiency and establish appropriate lighting levels. But did you know we have an in-house specialist who focuses specifically on lighting controls?

Because of their importance in new construction and renovation projects, the Van Meter lighting team focuses on how to incorporate the right commercial lighting control system in the right place to capture the greatest savings and efficiencies.

We understand the technology behind commercial lighting control systems and can help you take advantage of the creativity and flexibility they now offer. “From time scheduling and occupancy to daylight sensing, today’s controls can be integrated to work together. It’s exciting that they can serve as an IoT platform and gather data to improve building efficiency beyond lighting. We’re about to see a rapid expansion of lighting controls being utilized in ways we never imagined.”

Get Started with a Lighting Control System

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Are there lighting controls in your building? Bring us in to answer your questions, optimize the systems you have in place, make suggestions about future improvements, or perform simple modifications for better performance.

During a new construction project, we can help you select the right commercial lighting control system for your situation, provide design services, ensure code compliance, and work side by side with contractors for successful implementation.

Call us at 800-247-1410 to learn more about lighting controls or schedule a time to meet!

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