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Customized Medium-Voltage Termination Training

July 9, 2019 | Best Practices | Electrical

medium voltage termination

Successful medium-voltage termination requires preparation and the right combination of patience and hands-on experience. Even a small misstep, can lead to cable failure, safety issues, or potential damage to customer equipment. And, close enough isn’t good enough when it comes to medium-voltage terminations.

Former field experience as a utility lineman gives Craig Riffey, Van Meter’s dedicated 3M Certified Specialist, a unique insight into the common problems and frustrations faced on the jobsite when it comes to medium-voltage terminations.

Based on his past experience and having undergone extensive medium-voltage termination training, Riffey has developed specialized knowledge and skills – and he’s ready to share them. The lessons and methods he teaches during medium-voltage termination training are just as valuable to experienced electrical professionals as they are to apprentices.

medium voltage termination

Riffey’s training sessions cover topics such as cable theory, cable types, and common termination challenges and solutions – as well as providing valuable hands-on experiences. The medium-voltage termination training is all about what you see in the field. It addresses all the possible scenarios you may face -- from the voltage you are working with (5kV vs 15 kV) to the type of cable (concentric neutral vs tape shielded) and why choosing the correct termination kit is important.

You and your team will learn best practices and techniques that make medium-voltage terminations easier, faster, and more reliable while reducing the risk of errors that lead to electrical problems.

Based upon experience and skill level, you can customize your medium-voltage termination education accordingly. Training can take place on the jobsite, at Van Meter, or at your own facility.

Protect your employees and your customers equipment with proper medium-voltage termination training from Van Meter.

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Craig Riffey joined Van Meter in 2007 and has more than 12 years experience providing customers with electrical and safety solutions.


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