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Industrial Controls Essentials: Disconnect Switches

November 8, 2016 | Video | Automation

In this video, Randy Turner, Automation Product Manager, tells us about Allen-Bradley’s disconnect switch offering. Available in both fixed- and variable-depth styles with flange- or door-mounting styles, switches are NEMA, IEC, and UL rated. We offer a variety of fused and non-fused versions from 20…1250 A in both open and enclosed configurations.



rotary disconnect switches

194R Rotary Disconnect Switches

Our Rotary Disconnect Switches offer a variety of fused and non-fused versions from 20...1250 A and can be ordered with or without an enclosure. Non-fused styles permit use of your own fuse blocks. Fused switches, with integral fuse carriers, reduce panel space requirements.

Additional resources: Technical Data (PDF) | Disconnect Switches Brochure (PDF) | Learn More »


1494u universal disconnect switches

1494U Universal Disconnect Switches

Providing the extra level of visual ON or OFF indication of a knife-blade disconnect design, our Bulletin 1494U Universal Disconnect Switches have UL, CSA, and CE ratings in one product line. You can choose from a number of styles and options to meet your specific needs, including non-fusible or fusible versions in 30...100 A sizes. These universal disconnect switches are unique in that they can be connected for rod or cable operation in the field. With the cable option, you also have the flexibility to mount the switch anywhere in the panel, regardless of where the handle is located.

Additional resources: Technical Data (PDF) | Disconnect Switches Brochure (PDF) | Learn more »

automation product manager


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