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Food Safety Modernization Act requires proactive approach to contamination prevention

April 18, 2017 | Best Practices | Automation

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The Food Safety Modernization Act requires manufacturers to take a proactive approach to contamination prevention

A study from the Food Marketing Institute and Grocery Manufacturing Association says that recalling a product costs a manufacturer an average of $10 million – and that number doesn’t include lost sales.

This high number comes as a result of the time and effort it takes to notify appropriate parties, locate and pull affected products, investigate the problem, and discard recalled items.

But food recalls cost more than just money. Brand and reputation, insurance premiums, employee retention, and supplier relationships can all be impacted by food recalls as well – not to mention the fines, potential litigation, and unplanned downtime.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which took effect in 2016, now requires food and beverage manufacturers to take a proactive approach to prevent contamination through accurate testing, monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting.

“Worldwide, on average of 25 to 30 ingestible food product recalls occur each week.”

Worldwide, on average of 25 to 30 ingestible food product recalls occur each week, according to insurance firm Ironshore. How will you make sure you’re prepared?

  • Creating automatic, detailed electronic records about batch information, time/ date stamping, and signaturing to make recordkeeping and reporting faster, easier, and more reliable
  • Making sure information required by the FSMA is accessible immediately in case of a recall, cutting inspection time down from hours to minutes
  • Tracking materials for product recalls and improved inventory management
  • Providing an up-close, real-time look at critical manufacturing processes and pinpointing potential improvements to resolve problems before they lead to recalls

Experts predict that even more traceability requirements will be coming in future FSMA revisions. Van Meter has a team of more than 40 professionals who are waiting to help you get ready – our specialists are each dedicated to specific areas within the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

To learn more about moving away from paper to an automated system that will collect, store, analyze, and present production information in real time, call 1-800-247-1410.

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