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How Kitting Can Condense and Streamline the Ordering Process

October 16, 2018 | Best Practices | Electrical


Bringing All the Right Pieces Together

A few years ago, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) designed a product that helps pedestrians and material-handling operators communicate about and control warehouse traffic. An accessory mounting kit is included with each product, making up at least 24 total part numbers. The company sells hundreds of these kits a year, but understandably doesn’t have time to put the different components together.

To help the OEM keep up with sales orders and allow their employees to focus on other tasks, Van Meter assembles the product kits for them. Now these specific components are “kitted” (packaged together) for efficiency so multiple SKUs don’t have to be purchased or stored.

Would kitting be a valuable service for you, too?

1. Do you make lots of repetitive purchases?

If you order certain materials over and over, and don’t want to order separate line items each time, kitting can condense and streamline the process. You can buy groups of parts as kits, using a single part number.

Not only does this save time, but it also reduces human error when you place an order for one part number vs. 40 part numbers.

2. Do team members spend most of their time piecing components together when they could be doing other things?

There are so many ways to spend workday hours – not everyone has available time or resources to dedicate to kitting. With the time it takes to locate material, unpack needed items, piece them together, and dispose of waste, hours are eaten up quickly.

3. Is it challenging to find space to store components or get rid of packaging?

Due to space constraints, many OEMs and contractors don’t have room to store material. Then, once the material is used, it can be just as challenging to deal with leftover packaging and boxes. Kitting makes sure your products are available when you need them – without taking up space, breaking, or weakening due to long storage times or weather exposure.

4. Do you spend lots of time looking for material?

Spending time gathering dozens of scattered SKUs reduces time you can spend on other tasks. When you lessen the hours dedicated to finding individual parts and pieces – and can get everything you need by locating one SKU – dollars go back into your wallet and hours go back into your day.

To learn more about kitting, and how Van Meter can improve your workday, send us a message!

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