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Mechanical Power Transmission Solutions Postcard

August 23, 2016 | Literature | Automation

mechanical power transmission
Van Meter offers a complete mechanical power transmission solution.

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Power transmission solutions can help you save energy through efficient gearing and correct motor usage. They can also provide faster failure diagnostics to reduce costly downtime. Van Meter offers a complete mechanical power transmission solution – from electric motors, bearings, sheaves and bushings to v-belts, conveyor belts, gear reducers and more.

electric motors

Based on Motor Decisions Maers data, 60 percent of energy consumption in a facility is from operating motors. A simple way to reduce your energy consumption is by using premium efficient electric motors. Van Meter offers a wide variety of electric motors that can meet your needs while improving your overall operating costs.


A good seal on your bearing will help you improve operational efficiency and the life cycle of your machine by reducing infiltration of contamination into the bearing. From greased and oil based filled bearings to mounted or unmounted options, Van Meter’s extensive offering is sure meet your needs.

sheaves and bushings

With a wide variety of sheaves and bushing options, Van Meter can help you find the right parts to meet your application needs. From large to small or even custom bushed and straight bore options, you’ll find what you are looking for. We can even accommodate your various sha sizes with taper lock or QD options for sheave groves sizes from A, B, 3V, 5V and FHP.

v-belts and conveyor belts
When you are looking to transmit power efficiently or move product on a conveyor, v-belts and conveyor belts are a must in your industrial facility. Based on your driver, Van Meter has both standard and custom size belting options including cogged tooth choices.
couplings, chains and sprockets

Reduce downtime by protecting your equipment from shock loading with proper couplings, chains and sprockets. With common chain sprockets (roller, engineering, specialty) and couplings (jaw, grid, gear, torque limiting, rubber element) product options ranging from high speed/high tolerance to low speed/tight tolerance to misalignment allowance Van Meter has you covered.

gear reducers

Increase your torque while reducing your overall drive package with gear reducers. Whether you’re looking for options for food grade to round body wash down to aluminum or stainless steel, Van Meter can help you improve motor efficiency. With both separate and integral configurations or right angle helical bevel and parallel options, you’re sure to find what you need.


As an owner member of supplyFORCE, Van Meter can support all of your MRO supply needs, including your Power Transmission and Bearing necessities. This relationship allows for more than just uniform pricing programs locally and nationally. Through supplyFORCE you receive cost savings documentation, standardization opportunities and much more all while having hands-on local service and technical support.

For more information about Van Meter’s power transmission solutions, please call 1-800-247-1410.

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