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Motor Control Center Solutions Postcard

May 9, 2017 | Literature | Automation

motor control centers
Mastering Motor Control Centers

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Motor control centers provide a single source for organizing motor control and electrical distribution components which allows for centralized maintenance, fault containment, configuration flexibility and much more. At Van Meter, we offer a complete motor control center solution for our customers– from bus, SecureConnect, ArcShield, network Ethernet and Devicenet to medium voltage and local design and support.

bus system

Whether your MCC is in design or is one of the original 2100 CenterLine bus systems from 1971, the product hasn’t changed. This tried and true MCC product feature allows for backward capability allowing you the flexibility and ease to upgrade device systems. The flexibility reduces start up and commissioning time, as well as cost by utilizing your current MCC investment.

secure connect
Secure Connect

Reduce the potential for exposure to electrical hazards with the SecureConnect MCC for a safer work environment. With both electrical and mechanical indicators verifying that the power has been disconnected from the unit, you’ll know that the unit is safe to work on without removing the unit’s door. With this ability, you’ll have the capability to streamline maintenance and reduce downtime to keep your business running while protecting your people.


An arc blast can occur at any time, they are unpredictable and can result from many different factors. That’s why making sure your design is arc resistant is important. When ArcShield is incorporated into your MCC Design, it helps reduce arc flash hazards while providing an increased protection against internal electrical arcing faults. With special door latches, pressure relief system vents, reinforced back panels and more, your personnel will be shielded at the front, rear and sides of the unit.

network ethernet and devicenet
Network Ethernet & Devicenet

Connecting your MCC to your industrial network helps maximize efficiency. It provides real time information with system-wide communications while collecting information allowing for predictive maintenance, process monitoring and diagnostics. All data is captured and available to you remotely without needing to open an MCC door.

medium voltage
Medium Voltage

Harsh industrial environments with large motor applications have different MCC design needs. Medium voltage applications consume lots of energy and pose greater risk for arc fault. Our MCC specialists can assist you with the design and build of medium voltage MCCs that meet safety and operational requirements.

local design and support
Local Design and Support

With the possibility of three million configurations per bucket, designing an MCC can be taxing. We will work with you to understand your needs and make recommendations for the best layout and design for your facility. Our team of MCC specialists, will help you build your MCC from the ground up.

Why Van Meter Automation?

Our business is more than just products. We engineer and customize automation solutions to optimize your business.

  • Controllers and Input/Output (I/O)
  • Motion
  • Visualization
  • Network and Connectivity
  • Auto Identification and Vision
  • Mechanical and Power Transmission
  • Safety and Sensing
  • Pneumatics
  • Drives
  • Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • Industrial Controls
  • Field Labor and Engineering Support Training
  • Parts Management Agreements
  • Automation Technical Support
  • Remanufacturing and Repair

For more information about these products or Van Meter’s full safety and sensing offering, please call 1-800-247-1410.

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