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An Expertise-Driven MRO Model Can Save You Time and Money

October 30, 2015 | Best Practices | Electrical

National Contracts

Looking for ways to control costs and improve efficiencies has become commonplace in most industries. One often times overlooked strategy is adopting a national contract to manage Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO), or indirect supply, spend.

mro supply chain According to Supply Chain Management Review, a typical manufacturer’s MRO spend represents up to 16 percent of their cost of goods and an estimated 62 percent of total requisitions. Given the large volume of transactions, fluctuating demand for specific products, and the time-consuming task of maintaining relationships with multiple suppliers, the MRO supply chain is ripe for efficiency.

While traditionally viewed as low-cost items with little potential for savings, MRO expenses when streamlined and managed consistently via a national agreement can yield a significant and sustainable boost to your bottom line. Now is the time to look after the small things.

“We provide world class procurement and logistics strategies customized to meet your needs.”

Van Meter, as an owner-member of supplyFORCE — North America’s largest MRO commodity management and procurement services company, can help you save time and money on your electrical and mechanical MRO purchases. We are part of a network of strong, independent distributors providing world class purchasing and logistics strategies customized to meet your needs.

Let us give you the competitive advantage of a robust local inventory (more than $40M in stock) that is supported before, during and after the sale by our team of technical experts. And, the peace of mind that our local service is combined with access to national pricing programs on products from leading manufacturers. It’s the best of both worlds.

Our aim is to provide our national accounts everything they need to succeed. For us this includes things like innovative ways to reduce total cost of ownership, meeting diversity spend requirements, inventory management programs, detailed reporting, access to leading manufacturers, competitive pricing, consolidated invoicing, the ability to place orders via a punch-out catalogue and more.

Getting started is easy. Just call Van Meter’s national account experts at 1-800-247-1410 to discuss an MRO contract that is right for you. Your success is our success. Let’s work together to save time and money.

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Pino has over 10 years in the industry, three spent as an employee of Van Meter.


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