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Now Stocking: Field-Ready Pigtail Wire

February 15, 2018 | Literature | Electrical

Little things add up…like time spent on the routine, repetitive task of prepping wire pigtails for installation.
pig tail wire
pig tail wirepig tail wire

Let Van Meter’s Customized Solutions team help optimize time on your jobsite and improve efficiencies with field-ready pigtail wire. We have the equipment and controlled environment to prep a quality wire pigtails, in packaged quantities, ready for immediate use.

For your convenience, Van Meter stocks 8-inch stranded and solid pigtails stripped 1/2” on each end. We can also add forks or ring terminals and customize lengths of wire and strip lengths. Please reference the product numbers below when placing your orders.

Stranded Wire Leads

  • 12 GRN 8” (7630492)
  • 12 RED 8” (7633768)
  • 12 WHT 8” (7630490)
  • 12 BLU 8” (7633770)
  • 12 BLK 8” (7630487)

Solid Wire Leads

  • 12 GRN 8” (7633773)
  • 12 RED 8” (7633774)
  • 12 WHT 8” (7633772)
  • 12 BLU 8” (7633775)
  • 12 BLK 8” (7633766)

For more information about Van Meter’s Customized Solutions, please contact Dave Klostermann at 1-800-247-1410.

field-ready wire pigtails
Save Time with Field-Ready Wire Pigtails

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