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Sensing and Connectivity Postcard

February 28, 2017 | Literature | Automation

sensing and connectivity
Helping you make sense of sensors

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Sensors can be tricky to apply to an application and are usually misapplied. At Van Meter, we have a dedicated team to help customers analyze their situation and recommend the right sensing solutions for their application. Van Meter offers a variety of sensors, limit switches and connectivity options for all our customers sensor needs.

photoelectric sensors
Photoelectric Sensors

Using a beam of light to detect an object’s presence or absence, photoelectric sensors are designed for applications where material moves through a machine. They detect most materials, and perform well in long-distance sensing applications. Our team of specialists knows that photoelectric sensors rarely fail – they’re usually just misapplied. We’ll analyze your situation and recommend the right solution, even if the application involves clear objects, complex labels, or challenging backgrounds.

proximity sensors
Proximity Switches

When you need objects to be detected without physical contact – in packaging, printing, metal working, and food processing applications, for example – proximity sensors are the answer. Inductive proximity sensors detect metal objects through electromagnetic fields; capacitive proximity sensors detect non-metal objects (liquids, powders, plastics, etc.) through electrostatic fields. Van Meter offers the industry’s largest selection of proximity sensors, with access to any solution necessary to meet your exact requirements.

limit switches
Limit Switches

Limit switches serve the same purpose as proximity sensors, but work differently: They detect an object’s presence through physical contact with the device. As an item moves through a machine, it physically moves the limit switch actuator to indicate its presence, with simple and visible operation. Limit switches withstand the rigors of heavy-duty industries; Van Meter offers options that stand up to oil, materials being dropped, and submergence in water.

condition sensors
Condition Sensors

These sensing devices precisely monitor and communicate pressure, temperature, level, and flow information for tight control and fewer errors in manufacturing. By recognizing pressure, temperature, level, and flow changes, condition sensors improve automatic operation of machines and processes – even in harsh industrial conditions and wash-down applications. They also prevent problems like overspill, leaks, and dry-run conditions in pumps, filtering systems, and coolant and lubricant tanks.

Ultrasonic Sensors

As self-contained, solid-state devices, ultrasonic sensors detect solid and liquid objects without physical contact. Instead, they sense objects through the movement of air (sound waves): Sound is sent out, bounces off of an object (if one is present), and returns. Ultrasonic technology is often used when multiple sensors might be required to achieve the same result (detection of clear objects, for example), or in applications were the light from a photoelectric sensor may be absorbed rather than reflected by the target.


Connectivity solutions are vital to the functionality of any sensor. Van Meter provides standard and non-standard cord sets and field attachables that provide power, transmit analog or digital signals to the main system, and transmit signals to the sensor so it knows how to react. Van Meter’s connectivity solutions are always in stock, available in a variety of lengths – from common sizes to custom sizes – and can withstand wash-down and high-temperature applications.

Why Van Meter Automation?

Our business is more than just products. We engineer and customize automation solutions to optimize your business.

  • Controllers and Input/Output (I/O)
  • Motion
  • Visualization
  • Network and Connectivity
  • Auto Identification and Vision
  • Mechanical and Power Transmission
  • Safety and Sensing
  • Pneumatics
  • Drives
  • Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • Industrial Controls
  • Field Labor and Engineering Support Training
  • Parts Management Agreements
  • Automation Technical Support
  • Remanufacturing and Repair

For more information about these products or Van Meter’s full safety and sensing offering, please call 1-800-247-1410.

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