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A Safe Jobsite Equals a Productive Jobsite

May 16, 2017 | Best Practices | Electrical

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Safety and Productivity Go Hand in Hand

When you can complete jobsite tasks faster while keeping electricians out of harm’s way and minimizing wear and tear on their bodies, everyone wins: Employees stay healthy and focused at work, you avoid potential workman’s compensation issues and lawsuits, and your company can take on more jobs at once due to time savings.


Electrician injury can derail a project – not to mention the physical, emotional, and economical issues associated with an employee who gets hurt while doing his or her job. An injury can impact employee retention, the performance of other workers, and insurance premiums.

“An injury can impact employee retention, the performance of other workers, and insurance premiums.”

Garry O’Leary, contractor services manager at Van Meter, spent 11 years as an electrician – he knows what electricians face on the jobsite, and has pulled a lot of wire in his day. O’Leary shares the latest Southwire SIMpull solutions from Van Meter designed specifically to keep workers protected while also keeping them productive.

  • SIMPULL REELS eliminate pallet and reel jacks, allowing one electrician to safely move a 5,000-pound reel.
  • SIMPULL RIP CHIPS allow the stretch wrap around wire reels to be quickly removed with a single, one-handed pull – without using a knife.
  • SIMPULL STACKING REELS safely combine multiple pulls onto one reel, which can accommodate up to five phases for up to four pulls.
  • SIMPULL PARALLEL REELS can parallel up to five conductors on one reel, saving space and reducing the number of reels an electrician has to handle to reduce fatigue and strain.
  • SIMPULL PULLING HEADS are pre-installed to reduce waste and eliminate the need to create a pulling head with a knife on the jobsite.
  • NOLUBE SIMPULL CABLE, which doesn’t require lube application, reduces the risks of jobsite slips and falls.
VIDEO: Synergy Impact of Feeder Optimization – SIMpull Solutions

To keep your jobsite safe with Southwire SIMpull solutions, call us at 1-800-247-1410. We’ll walk you through the steps to using these solutions so you know how they work and can see first-hand how they promote safety and productivity.

  Solution Spotlight (PDF)

contractor services manager SOLUTION SPOTLIGHT BY:


O'Leary joined Van Meter in 2011 and has more than 22 years in the jobsite safety industry.


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