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Van Meter Now Offering Southwire SIMpull REEL Solution

November 3, 2015 | Literature | Electrical

The SIMPull Maneuverable Payoff System

The Southwire SIMpull REEL Maneuverable Payoff System paired with Van Meter wire and cable solutions will revolutionize your jobsite. The SIMpull REELs:

southwire simpull reel solution

  • Eliminate pallet and reel jacks and other equipment
  • Remove reel set-up time
  • Fit through 36” wide doorways
  • Allow you to safely move a 5,000 pound reel by yourself
  • Have integral payoff tension adjustment
  • Spin 360 degrees and reel to be placed next to feed conduit/point
  • Limit the number of spools on a jobsite by stacking multiple runs onto one reel
Available SIMpull REEL Sizes and Capacities
Reel Size Max Width Drum Diameter Reel Weight
Reel 51" 32 24 750
Reel 61" 32 24 900
Size SIMpull REEL 51 SIMpull REEL 61
6-19 28,500 43,150
4-19 17,000 26,974
2-19 11,900 17,521
1-19 8,900 13,712
1/0 7,500 11,051
2/0 6,300 8,894
3/0 5,200 7,143
4/0 4,300 5,718
250 3,450 4,767
300 2,950 4,055
350 2,500 3,498
400 2,300 3,076
500 1,850 2,455
600 1,500 2,037
750 1,200 1,640
1000 900 1,260
* All lengths estimated for a safe clearance level and weight capacity per reel size
4' x 4' A-Frame Payoff  6' x 6' A-Frame Payoff

southwire simpull reelThe SIMpull REEL Maneuverable Pay-off System is available from Van Meter for in-state projects at a low cost with same-day or next-day delivery.


Daily Rental Fee


Three Daily Rental Fee

Please call for pricing on monthly or yearly rental rates as well as out-of-state projects.

Whatever your need, Van Meter has the wire and cable solution for the job — everything from aluminum and copper to specialty wire. Paired with our feeder and circuit management services, we can keep you competitive on the job.

For more information about this product or Van Meter’s full wire and cable offering, please contact your Van Meter Sales Representative for additional information at 1-800-247-1410.

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