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Digital Transformation: Using Technology to Improve Your Manufacturing Operations

October 15, 2019 | Best Practices | Automation

You’ve read about digital transformation and you’ve seen the metrics around the success others are having… but what does digital transformation mean to your manufacturing organization?

Digital transformation is about harnessing the technology that is available today to help you reach your goal of where you need to be in the near future… smart, efficient, productive, and competitive with your industry peers while being agile enough to meet your customer expectations and daunting market demands.

When you think through the outcomes you need today and develop your plan for the future, it’s challenging to comprehend how you’ll get there. Here are a few tips and items to consider.

  • Pinpoint your operational challenges and opportunities for short term and long-term growth
  • Identify where your teams could be more productive today and in the future
  • Understand the level of visibility for real-time information that your teams need today and in the future in order to make better business decisions
  • Distinguish what information your teams need in order to predict and prevent operational issues or to be better optimize day-to-day operations
  • Understand what your biggest expenses and investment needs are as you plan to meet your operational goals.
  • How you plan to leverage technology to overcome the challenge of a shrinking workforce to make your team members more productive in their roles

While it’s all about technology, it’s more about how you plan to use that technology for your business operations. We understand the journey can be overwhelming and we are here to help you navigate what technologies you can leverage today that you currently have for your current business needs and what you may need for your future operational goals. We’ll help you build a connected and integrated smarter manufacturing system enabling you for the future ahead.

Contact us at 800-247-1410 to learn more about how you can use technology to future proof your manufacturing operation.

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Schmidt joined Van Meter in 1995 and has spent more than 23 years providing customers with automation and manufacturing solutions.


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