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Traceability for the Connected Enterprise

July 7, 2015 | Video | Automation

To overcome today’s industrial challenges, manufacturers need to work smarter by connecting the factory. They need to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase quality. All of these goals can be accomplished using an integrated track and trace system.

Traceability systems utilize devices such as conveyors, robotics, and vision systems, which communicate directly with a PLC using EtherNet/IP to automate processes in assembly lines. Another critical component of traceability, the marking of part information in barcode or human readable form, has historically required propriety Application Programming Interfaces in order to communicate, and it required 30+ hours of custom programming.


EtherMark provides direct communication from the PLC to the marking device. Now that laser and dot peen marking equipment, via EtherMark, is connected to the factory floor, it becomes easier to implement a traceability system and obtain the benefits of cost reduction and increased efficiencies. This demo shows this equipment connected via EtherNet/IP to a PLC.

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