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Maintain Optimal Inventory Levels with Vendor-Managed Inventory

September 27, 2016 | Best Practices | Automation

Put the Days of Searching for Parts Behind You

Maintaining optimal inventory levels on shop supplies is a challenge for many companies – overstocking presents an unnecessary expense and running out of essential items means downtime and loss of productivity.

vendor managed inventoryMany inventory issues can be resolved through a vendor-managed inventory program. If you’re looking to cut costs, the real savings is in the labor.

A vendor-managed inventory program results in efficiency gains and reduced labor expenses. And, it can be critical for manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers that depend upon having the right number and size of parts in stock at all times.

“A vendor-managed inventory program results in efficiency gains and reduced labor expenses.”

At Van Meter, we partner with Kimball Midwest, a national maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) distributor, to offer a professional materials management system with complete product coverage. Kimball has made a name in the industry with its American-made, quality products. Working together, our Van Meter-Kimball team takes the burden of organizing and maintaining your parts inventory off of your employees and onto our trained inventory specialists.

When implementing the program at a new site, we begin by conducting a shop survey to assess the current environment. Factors such as product standardization, product traceability, efficiency of staff, and purchase order reduction are all taken into account. We then present you with a list of recommendations, and a CAD drawing as a visual of what the space will look like.

Your workplace will be transformed in alignment with the 5S workplace organizational method (sort, straighten, shine, standardize and sustain). Inventory levels will be reduced. We will ensure you have timely reordering of the right parts. You’ll gain faster, easier access to the products you need, allowing your employees more time to do their jobs.

It’s time to put the days of searching for parts behind you. Our team at Van Meter can help through our Kimball Midwest vendor-managed inventory program. To get started, contact a member of our power transmission team by calling 1-800-247-1410.

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Ed Hubble has over 40 years in the industry, 20 spent as an employee of Van Meter.


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