Rockwell Automation 140M-F8E-C32-XC

A-B 140M-F8E-C32-XC Motor Protectio
IEC Sm Mtr Protect and CB up to 100A
6854227 140M-F8E-C32-XC
Rockwell Automation
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Allen-Bradley Circuit Breaker,Motor Protection,23 32A,MxRtg MCPs(no OvPrt)is 1200.0A,Frame Size F,High Breaking Capacity,No Bus Bar Mount,32 A,No Knob Adaptor Modification,for Thermal Overloads,None,None,Std Mgntc Trp (Fxd at 13 x le),None,None,Trigger Constraints,1 N.O. + 1 N.C.,None,(1)1a 1b,RSd or 1NO+1NC,RSd