Thomas & Betts ST050-465SS

T&B® Fittings Star Teck® ST050-465SS Teck Cable Fitting, 1/2 in Trade, 0.725 to 0.885 in Cable Openings, 316 Stainless Steel
Channel-Strut Accessories
7149766 ST050-465SS
Thomas & Betts
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  • Cable Openings: 0.725 to 0.885
  • Cable Type: ACWU/MC
  • Color: Silver
  • Connection Type: NPT
  • Dimensions: 1.633 in Dia
  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Temperature Rating: -40 to 194
  • Trade Size: 1/2
  • Features
  • Easy installation and exclusive power grip
  • Provides a grip that's high up on the cable-not on the first convolution-so strip length and cutting of cable are not critical
  • Dependable service stainless steel retaining ring, withstands corrosive environments, non-magnetic
  • Dependable grounding power grip grounding ring is non-magnetic stainless steel
  • Provides 360 deg long term dependable grounding, it makes immediate contact with the cable
  • Watertight-tapered neoprene bushing, cone-shaped to provide a secure, tight fit while eliminating cupping or water in vertical installations
  • Easy to install in tight spaces low profile gland nut fits tight spaces
  • Has grooves for screwdriver installation and flats for a wrench, durable and reusable with funnel entry for easy cable insertion
  • Provides means for passing armored, metal clad, jacketed cable through a bulkhead or enclosure in hazardous areas
  • Form a mechanical grip and water and/or oil resistant seal for cord
  • Provide grounding continuity of cable armor
  • Overlapping sizes minimize possibility of mismatched cables and fittings in the field
  • 0.615 to 0.805 in cable range over armor