Blackburn W40-1

Blackburn® W40-1 W-1 Type W Service Entrance Wedge Clamp, 4/0 to 2/0 AWG ASCR/AAAC/Stranded Conductor, Aluminum, Bare
Clamps and Straps
26264 W40-1
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  • COLOR: Red
  • Conductor size: 4/0 to 2/0
  • Conductor Type: ASCR/AAAC/Stranded
  • Dimensions: 12-3/4 in L x 2-3/8 in D
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Bare
  • Series: W-1
  • Specifications: 1-Conductor, Tension Connection
  • Type: Type W
  • Voltage Rating: 35
Blackburn® Service Entrance Wedge Clamp, Type W, Series: W-1, ASCR/AAAC/Stranded Conductor, 4/0 to 2/0 AWG Conductor, 35 kV, 1-Conductor, Tension Connection, Aluminum, Bare, Red, 12-3/4 in L x 2-3/8 in D
  • Features
  • Drop wire may be cut to exact length for adjustments in drop wire sag
  • Can be attached to bare neutral at any point in the span
  • Versatile use, flexible and rigid bails grip ACSR, AAC and AAAC conductors
  • All seasons environmental conditions
  • Saves conductor - drop wire may be cut to exact length
  • Aluminum wedge and slider
  • W40 series clamps rated 850 lb, ultimate tension for 1/0 AWG ASCR, AL or AAAC