Wire & Cable 13100301

Southwire® 13100301 Type SER Service Entrance Cable With Bare Ground, 600 VAC, (3) 4 AWG Stranded Aluminum Conductor, 1000 ft L, Gray
ALSER-SErvice Entrance Wire
1560291 13100301
Wire & Cable
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  • Amperage Rating: 75
  • Conductor size: 4
  • Conductor Type: Stranded Aluminum
  • Insulation Material: Cross Linked Polyethylene/PVC
  • Jacket Color: Gray
  • Jacket Material: PVC
  • Length: 1000
  • Number of Conductors: 3
  • Outside Diameter: 823
  • Strands: 7
  • Temperature Rating: 90
  • Type: Type SER
  • Voltage Rating: 600
Southwire® Service Entrance Cable, Type SER, 600 VAC, 75 A, 3 Conductors, Stranded Aluminum Conductor, 4 AWG Conductor, 823 mil OD, 1000 ft Length, 7 Strands, Cross Linked Polyethylene/PVC Insulation, PVC Jacket, Gray Jacket, 90 deg C
  • Features
  • Individual conductors rated XHHW or THHN/THWN jacket and inner conductors are sunlight resistant
  • Southwire® type SE cable is constructed with AlumaFlex® AA-8000 series aluminum alloy, compacted stranded conductors
  • The conductors are covered with a sunlight resistant type XHHW-2 or type THHN/THWN-2-insulation
  • A reinforcement tape is wrapped around the conductors for added strength and conformity
  • A gray sunlight resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC outer jacket covers the entire assembly
  • Style SEU cable has two phase conductors surrounded by a concentric neutral while the SER style has two, three or four phase conductors and a bare neutral
  • Allowable ampacities shown are for general use as specified by the national electrical code, 2011 Edition, section 310.15
  • Allowable ampacities when terminated to equipment for circuits rated 100 A or less or marked for 14-1 AWG conductors at 60 deg C
  • Allowable ampacities when terminated to equipment for circuits rated 100 A or marked for conductors larger than 1 AWG conductors at 75 deg C
  • Allowable ampacities wet or dry locations, for ampacity derating purposes at 90 deg C
  • Dwelling - for units, conductors shall be permitted at listed ampacities as 120/240 VAC, 3-wire, single phase services and feeders per NEC article 310.15
  • 55 A at 60 deg C, 65 A at 75 deg c and 75 A at 90 deg C allowable ampacities
  • Black and black with red stripe Southwire® style SER cable's phase conductors are identified by a colored stripe on the insulation
  • 7 equipment ground conductor stranding