Philips 548107

PHIL 548107 7.2BR30/PER/950/P/E26/D
LED BR30 Lamps
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PHILIPS Attractive, dimmable, and afforadlble LED BR30 lamp solution Long life -- lowers maintenance costs by reducing re-lamp frequency;Excellent color consistancy with available high 90+ color rendering (CRI);Certain offerings feature a warm glow effect that provides an incandescent-like glow, while maintaining CRI throughout dimming range Philips BR30 LED lamps are the smart alternative to standard incandescent. The traditonal lamp design can provide excellent dimming performance with spectular energy savings.They provide the beautiful light and dependable performance you expect from LED at an economical price. Available smooth dimming options;Tradional look and feel of size, shape, and material;Up to 25,000-hour rated average life;Instant on;ENERGY STAR certified options Hotels/Motels;Restaurants;Offices