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PHIL 532895 16.5PL-L/COR/22-830/IF2
LED Candle and Deco Lamps
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PHILIPS Philips most advanced LED replacements for compact fluorescent PL-L lamps with 2G11 base Minimizes overall lighting costs;Offers cheapest and easiest upgrade to LED lighting technology;Excellent compatibility with existing fluorescent ballasts Philips InstantFit LED lamps make the transition to LED from CFL lamps as simple as replacing a lamp. With a wide array of color temperatures, the InstantFit LED lamps can quickly and e?ectively replace compact ?uorescent lamps. High energy efficiency, over 40% energy savings;Long lifetime with superior color and lumen maintenance;Easy plug-and-play installation. Retrofit replacement of existing CFL-ni lamps;Conventional form factor fits into existing luminaires;Durable polycarbonate construction Office and general lighting;Residential and multi-family complexes;Retail and hospitality