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PHIL 541912 25HB/LED/830/ND FB 6/1
LED Candle and Deco Lamps
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PHILIPS Instant retrofit, instant savings Energy savings of 50%;Direct lamp replacement without a ballast or fixture change (UL Type A);Operates on 400W, 320W and 250W ballasts Philips LED high bay lamps are a direct replacement for 250W to 400W metal halide lamps which will deliver substantial energy savings. Available in both plug-and-play (UL Type A) and MainsFit (UL Type B) options, Philips LED HighBays delivers bright, clean light for a fraction of the energy used by conventional HID. Standard EX39 base to replace metal halide lamps;Works on probe and pulse start ballasts (Type A only);Available with 1000 lumens of "up-light" to fully illuminate fixtures (Type A only);Upto 5-year limited warranty;Two beam options, wide or narrow available Warehouses, Industrial & Retail;Gymnasiums