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PHIL 549303 5.5G16.5/PER/927-922/CL
LED Candle and Deco Lamps
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PHILIPS Energy saving elegance in a verstile design Long life -- lowers maintenance costs by reducing re-lamp frequency;Excellent color consistancy with high color rendering (CRI);Certain offerings with a warm glow effect dim to a cozy glow to set the mood Philips G16.5 LED Lamps offer energy saving ambience with an elegant effect. Their unique design provides light in all directions, giving lighting designers a long life alternative to standard incandescent sources. Integrated compact driver design to achieve a decorative look and feel;Smooth dimming;Installs into existing candelabra and medium-base fixtures;15,000-hour rated average life;Wet location Chandeliers;Marque lighting;Restaurants