West Chester Protective Gear 89301/XL

PIP® Extreme Work™ Multi-PleX™ 89301/XL General Purpose Gloves, Suede Palm/Work, Keystone Thumb Style, XL, Suede Palm, Axe Uno Knitted Synthetic Leather/Spandex®, Black/Gray
7753929 89301/XL
West Chester Protective Gear
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  • Closure Type: Hook and Loop
  • COLOR: Black/Gray
  • Glove Type: Suede Palm/Work
  • Length: 9-1/2
  • Material: Axe Uno Knitted Synthetic Leather/Spandex®
  • Palm Material: Suede
  • Series: 89301
  • Size: XL
  • Style: Keystone Thumb
PIP® Extreme Work™ Multi-PleX™ General Purpose Gloves, Series: 89301, Suede Palm/Work Glove Type, XL, Suede Palm, Axe Uno Knitted Synthetic Leather/Spandex®, Black/Gray, Keystone Thumb, Hook and Loop Closure, 9-1/2 in Length
  • Features
  • The bonus feature on our extreme Work™ Multi-PleX™ gloves is the padded palm
  • Reduce the stress from hammering, machinery and other hits or be more comfortable when carrying heavy items
  • Dura-X™ suede palm - performance material lasts up to 5X longer than traditional synthetics and is fast-drying
  • Padded palm - padding provides comfort and minimizes vibration from tasks such as using a hammer of machinery
  • Padded knuckle - foam padding protects against bumps to the knuckles
  • Print reinforced Spandex® - rubberized pattern printed on Spandex® to strengthen the fingertips
  • XTouch™ index finger - touchscreen on index finger
  • XLock™ cuff - tapered X-shape wrist closure provides a better fit and mobility for the wrist
  • Honeycomb pattern reinforces the closure for longer lasting durability
  • Flexible fit fingers - hourglass shape reduces bunching around the bend of the fingers, enhancing comfort and reducing hand fatigue
  • 4-way stretch - fabric on the back of hand stretches in all directions for flexibility, breathability and extreme comfort
  • Sweat wipe - terry cloth wipe on the back of the thumb makes it easy to wipe away sweat and grime
  • Notched index finger - material cutout reduces the bulge and makes bending your finger more comfortable