Brady 81963

Brady® 81963 Laminated Non-Reflective Rectangular Self-Adhesive Safety Label, 5 in W, CAUTION This unit has more than one power source. Legend, Black/Yellow on White, B-302 Polyester, 5 per Pack Labels
6778368 81963
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  • Legend: CAUTION This unit has more than one power source.
  • Legend/Background Color: Black/Yellow on White
  • Material: B-302 Polyester
  • Number of Labels: 5 per Pack
  • Suitable For Use With: Machine and Equipment
  • Type: Laminated Non-Reflective Rectangular Self-Adhesive
  • Width: 5
Brady® Safety Label, Laminated Non-Reflective Rectangular Self-Adhesive, 5 in Width, Legend: CAUTION This unit has more than one power source., Black/Yellow on White Legend/Background, B-302 Polyester, For Use With: Machine and Equipment, 5 per Pack Labels
  • Features
  • English language
  • High performance pressure sensitive safety sign and is surface printed polyester with a polyester over laminate
  • Weathers up to 8 years outdoors, even longer indoors and withstands wide temperature variations (up to 230 deg F)
  • Flexible material conforms to most surfaces while protected graphics hold up to harsh environments, abrasion and repeated spills and cleanings
  • Permanent, pressure sensitive adhesive forms a long-lasting bond to even the most difficult surfaces and shapes
  • Cold temperature adhesive allows the signage to be applied at 0 deg F
  • Excellent cold weather performance
  • Polyester over laminate