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Energy Audits: A Great First Step Toward Managing Energy Usage

May 24, 2016 | Best Practices | Energy

energy auditsENERGY STAR reports that 30 percent of energy in buildings in the United States is used inefficiently or unnecessarily. As energy costs continue to climb, this puts a growing strain on operational budgets. Reductions in energy usage can significantly improve a facility’s performance and profitability.

Reductions in energy use, even the most modest ones, can significantly improve your facility’s performance and profitability.

Van Meter is committed to helping you manage energy costs and their associated environmental impacts. We offer a no-risk, Level I, walk-through energy audit designed to help you understand where you are today in regard to energy usage and provide a baseline for making improvements at your facility.

"Our team of energy experts can help you identify energy waste in your facility, recommend effective solutions and prioritize and bundle intiatives to maximize energy savings and return on investment."

Our energy audit includes interviewing your site operating personnel, analyzing utility bills and walking through your facility to understand your processes, maintenance practices, building systems and energy consumption.

The information we collect and observations we make are then detailed in a printed report that includes recommended energy efficiency measures and potential capital improvements. Each identified corrective measure is briefly described along with a budgetary estimate of implementation costs, potential operating cost savings and simple payback.

Energy costs are a major expense. If you could cut your energy spending by 20-25 percent, how much would that help your business? What would that do for your profit margins? How much more competitive could you be if your costs are lower?

An energy audit is a great first step to maximizing your energy efficiency…and maximizing your profits! Let Van Meter start you on the path to savings. To schedule an audit, call 1-800-247-1410.

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Dunne has more than 20 years in the energy field, with four spent as an employee-owner at Van Meter.


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