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Flip the Switch on Lighting EfficiencyUpgrade Your Lighting With No Cash Up Front

Energy Savings, Simplified

FlipSwitch is a complete retrofit lighting program for your facility that helps you save on energy and maintence costs while improving employee productivity and safety. From site assessment, planning and product sourcing, to installation, financing and rebate filing – the dedicated FlipSwitch team at Van Meter handles it all for you.

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Upgrade Your Lighting - No Cash Up Front

If your commercial building’s lights are on for more than eight hours a day, you’re spending more on lamp maintenance and replacement than you’d like, your monthly utility bills are too high, or your building’s lighting technology is a few years old, it may be time for a lighting retrofit.

Outdated lighting technology uses more energy, and can cause your operating costs to increase as time goes on and systems become older and more inefficient.

A lighting retrofit can reduce monthly operating costs, improve the bottom line, decrease maintenance requirements and expenses, and enhance aesthetics.

Retrofits can also be completed quickly, with minimal disruption to everyday business operations. Because most lighting retrofits can be done without breaking the ceiling plane, network cabling and ductwork don’t have to be disturbed – and neither do tenants or occupants. The retrofit kits quickly install directly into existing fixtures.

Van Meter’s FlipSwitch offers a way for commercial buildings to achieve a cost-effective lighting retrofit while rebates and tax incentives are still available – without a large upfront investment.

“Van Meter’s FlipSwitch offers a way for commercial buildings to achieve a cost-effective lighting retrofit...”

We will manage the entire retrofit process for you, from an onsite assessment and examination of current utility expenses, all the way through to making sure you get the rebates you expected. We present one monthly price, with labor and materials included – and we’ll run the numbers to show how much you’ll save as a result.

Simplified financing using Van Meter dollars is also available with Flipswitch, giving you the option to complete a lighting retrofit even if it isn’t in your budget.

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“Nelson Properties not only saved $117,500 on this project, but also increased the value of the Black’s Building by $304,045.”

Flip the switch on lighting efficiency

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