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We’re always looking for talented individuals for our sales, marketing, engineering and operations internship positions.


Our interns don’t make the coffee

At Van Meter, interns don’t take out the trash and make coffee – they attend customer meetings, research new products, improve processes, create solutions, and more. Our 10-week summer internship program will provide a variety of learning opportunities to tackle real-life situations, while discovering unique and innovative career paths. And it’s a paid position!

As an intern, you’ll gain an understanding of our company and culture, collaborate with fellow interns, job shadow various roles across the company, meet face-to-face with company executives, and connect regularly with a coach who will provide you day-to-day support and assistance.

Regardless of whether it’s your first year of college or your last, we are always looking for talent as we use our internship program as a vehicle for the succession planning of future retirements. Our hope is that you’ll return each summer while in school and be ahead of the curve for any full-time positions that open upon your graduation. If you’re looking for an internship where you can laugh, learn and be treated like one of our own, Van Meter will suit you well.

Five Reasons to Become an Intern at Van Meter

Van Meter Inc. offers a summer internship program in a variety of fields – everything from sales and engineering to marketing and supply chain management. At Van Meter, you are given an opportunity to... Read More »

Program Stats:

Length: 10-week program

When: June to August

Who: Any freshman, sophomore, junior or senior level college student

Ideal majors: Business, Administration, Finance, Information Technology, Sales and Marketing, Engineering (Industrial, Electrical, Mechanical)


Types of positions: Sales, marketing, engineering and operations

Number of positions: Average of 10 interns per summer

Incentive: All internship positions are paid

Experience you’ll gain: Project management skills, job skills and a top-ranked company culture


    As an automation intern, I was able to work on projects specific to my department that aligned with my interests and allowed me to collaborate with people across departments. The technical knowledge I pulled from working on these projects helped me transition to full-time employment, but the relationships I gained were even more valuable.

    - Aaron H., Former Intern, Current Employee-Owner


    Van Meter’s internship program is different from other companies because you are treated like a full-time employee right from the start. Everyone I encountered was warm, welcoming, and always open to answer questions. I was given problems to work on that I felt were meaningful, and Van Meter implemented my solutions. I was also able to interact and work with other interns through different projects and events.

    - Austin B., Former Intern, Current Employee-Owner


    Van Meter’s program has a clear purpose of helping young adults develop their skills that allow them to grow both personally and professionally. As an intern, the work I did had a direct impact on the company, making it meaningful work. From the minute you step into our doors as an intern you will forget the fact that you are “just” an intern; you will feel like an employee owner.

    - Tony V., Former Intern, Current Employee-Owner


    The people at Van Meter love their job and make an impact, which made me love my entire internship experience. We were empowered to job shadow all departments we were interested in learning about, gaining knowledge I still use today! I never thought about working in the electrical industry before, but I am grateful that I took the chance to learn about Van Meter. I am truly blessed to say that I love my job, especially right out of college, and that is all owed to my internship at Van Meter.

    - Brittany M., Former Intern, Current Employee-Owner

Everything you need to succeed.

Check back in the fall for open positions!

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