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Comprehensive Robotics SolutionsOperate At Your Optimum

Comprehensive Robotic Solutions

No matter your production size or output needs, Van Meter can help you find the right robotic solution.

collaborative robot cobots

Collaborative Robot Solutions

Collaborative robots, or cobots, are within reach for any size organization. The solution is cost effective, lightweight and easy to program. Working safely alongside employees to improve quality, consistency, and safety, cobots are designed for flexibility so they can be easily reprogrammed and re-deployed as often as you need.

Automating almost any repetitive process on your plant floor with a cobot when you are looking to drive task efficiencies. Ideal applications include machine tending, packaging, palletizing, assembly, screwdriving, dispensing, polishing, welding, and many more.

IDEAL APPLICATIONS:  pick & place • injection molding • CNC • packaging & palletizing • quality inspection • assembly • polishing • maching tending • screw driving • lab analysis & testing • gluing, dispensing & welding

Delta Robot Solutions

When you are looking to maximize your parts per minute, a Delta robot, or spider robot, is a perfect solution for your production needs. Designed with all arms connected to a universal base, payload is minimized by keeping all motors stationary. These low maintenance robots are ideal for high-speed procession facilities where they tirelessly transfer various product form conveyors to packaging quickly, which can be up to 300 picks per minute.

Delta robots offered by Van Meter come in various configurations including X-Z, X-Y-Z, X-Y-Z-Rz and X-Y-Z-Rz-Rx/y among others with application uses for pick and place, sorting, dispensing, small scale machining and assembly.

IDEAL APPLICATIONS:  pick & place • sorting • dispensing • small scale machining • assembly

delta robots
cartesian robots

Cartesian Robot Solutions

While simple in design, Cartesian robots are great for moving a wide variety of payloads over larger distances. These robots are comprised of standard linear belt, ball screw or rack and pinion actuators fixtured together in order to create customized X-Y or X-Y-Z coordinate mechanical systems. Since they can be mounted from above, they leave the workspace unobstructed and free from a pedestal and offer various end-of-arm tooling solutions to handle practically any payload requirements. With a wide variety of applications, these robots are used in diverse of ways from CNC milling to sorting to palletizing as well as other pick-and place applications.

IDEAL APPLICATIONS:  pick & place transfers • palletizing • machining • sorting • dispensing • assembly tasks

Grippers & Accessories

You want your robot to perform reliably and at its very best. In order to ensure continuous production, robot system accessories are vital to that endeavor. Accessories – including electric and pneumatic grippers, vacuum cups, vision solutions, robot stands, tool changers, cable management options and programming aids, can help you maintain your investment and help it function at its best for many years. Van Meter has partnered with industry leading robotic accessory suppliers in order to ensure your robot performs its best.

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Robotics: News & Updates

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Universal Robots

Cobots from Universal Robots gives you flexible automation, workforce and production.

Everything you need to succeed.

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