Advance 72C5882NP

Advance 72C5882NP F-Can Magnetic HID Ballast, HID Metal Halide Lamp, 320 W Lamp, 120/277 VAC, Pulse, 1 Ballast Factor
Ballasts, Starters and LED Drivers
5494656 72C5882NP
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Advance HID Ballast, F-Can Magnetic, HID Metal Halide Lamp, 320 W Lamp, 370 W Wattage, 120/277 VAC, 2.75/1.2 A, 60 Hz Frequency, Pulse Start, -40 deg F Minimum Starting, Power Factor: 0.9, 1 Lamp, 72C5882 Lamp Base, Ballast Factor: 1, ANSI M132/M154 Ballast Grade, Metal, 12 in L x 3.9 in W x 2.6 in H Dimensions
  • Features
  • The Philips Advance line of F-can HID ballasts comes in two dual voltage configurations for the US and Canadian market
  • Ballasts for these luminaires are most often encased and potted in fluorescent ballast type cans
  • 1.6/0.7 A input current (open circuit), 2.75/1.2 A input current (starting), 2.1 to 3.15/0.9 to 1.4 A input current (short circuit), 3.35/1.46 A input current (nominal)
  • Thermally protected
  • UL insulation class A of 105 deg C