Blackburn CTB

T&B® CTB Type CT Connector Oxide Inhibitor, 4 oz Bottle, Solid Thick Paste Form, Black
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26242 CTB
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T&B® Connector Oxide Inhibitor, Type CT, Bottle Container, 4 oz Container, Non-Petroleum Base, Composition: Castor Oil Reaction Products with TDI, Dimethyl Silicone Polymer with Silica, Benzenamine, n-Phenyl and Reaction Products with 2, 4, 4-Trimethylpentene Carbon Black, Solid Thick Paste Form, Black, 460 deg F, >482 deg F Flash Point, Applicable Materials: Compound
  • Features
  • Non-water soluble, non-petroleum based polymer grease
  • Non-toxic, will not irritate the skin
  • Non-petroleum based polymer grease
  • Packed in plastic bottle