Brady 113120

Brady® GlobalMark® 113120 Thermal Transfer Vinyl Tape, 2-1/4 in W, Red, B-595 Vinyl
Wire Markers and Labels
7067433 113120
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Brady® GlobalMark® Vinyl Tape, Thermal Transfer, 2-1/4 in Width, Red Legend/Background, B-595 Vinyl, Permanent Acrylic Adhesive, For Use With: GlobalMark® Industrial Label Marker, -40 to 180 deg F
  • Features
  • This durable, low shrink vinyl with ultra aggressive adhesive is ideal for labeling pipes, equipment, shelves and nearly any other industrial surface
  • Highly pliable material with high tack permanent adhesive for rough, highly textured, dirty and harsh environment surfaces including outdoors
  • Conforms and adheres to difficult surfaces like painted cinder blocks, painted wood, textured plastic, paper jacketed pipes and blow molded cases
  • Resistant to exposure to chemicals, greases and oils, salt spray, cleaners and detergents and general industrial grime
  • 8 to 10 years average outdoor durability in temperatures from -40 to 180 deg F
  • Conforms well to irregular and curved surfaces and can be applied at cold temperature