Brady 65329

Brady® 65329 1-Pole Clamp-On Electrical Risk Oversized Circuit Breaker Switch Lockout Device, For Use With Up to 2-1/4 in W x 7/8 in THK 1-Pole Circuit Breaker, 1 Padlocks, 0.31 in Dia Max Padlock Shackle, Nylon/LOTO-39 Polypropylene, Red
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Brady® Circuit Breaker Switch Lockout Device, 1-Pole Clamp-On Electrical Risk Oversized, For Use With: Up to 2-1/4 in W x 7/8 in THK 1-Pole Circuit Breaker, 1 Padlocks Maximum, 0.31 in Padlock Shackle Maximum Diameter, Legend: DANGER LOCKED OUT DO NOT REMOVE, Nylon/LOTO-39 Polypropylene, Red, 2-1/2 in Height, 3-3/4 in Width, 3.8 in Depth
  • Features
  • Oversized breaker 480/600 VAC frame lockout fits switches up to 2-1/4 in W and 7/8 in THK and applies in seconds with thumbscrew mechanism, no screwdriver needed
  • Oversized clamp on breaker lockouts are made of durable polypropylene and glass filled impact modified nylon
  • This lockout device isolates and secures circuit breaker switches to protect employees against electrical accidents during equipment maintenance
  • Equipping your employees with the proper lockout tools and warning devices can save lives, reduce lost employee time and cut insurance costs
  • Brady® is a world leader in lockout/tagout products and services offering industry expertise and a broad range of durable, easy to use lockout devices
  • For use on breakers that do not have a hole in the switch tongue, including multi-pole breakers with tie bars
  • Turn thumbscrew to clamp lockout securely onto switch, then snap the cover closed to prevent thumbwheel from being loosened