General Cable E1042S.41.10

General Cable® Carol® E1042S.41.10 Type CMR/CL3R Multi-Conductor Unshielded Riser Cable, Reel Packaging, 300 VAC, (18) 16 AWG Bare Stranded Copper Conductor, 1000 ft L
Communication Cable
7157309 E1042S.41.10
General Cable
$0.00 / ft

General Cable® Carol® Riser Cable, Type CMR/CL3R Multi-Conductor Unshielded, Reel Packaging, 300 VAC, 18 Conductors, Bare Stranded Copper Conductor, 16 AWG Conductor, 0.178 in OD, 1000 ft Length, 19/0.0117 Strands, SR-PVC Insulation, PVC Jacket, Gray Jacket, -20 to 75 deg C
  • Features
  • Sequential footage marked to facilitate installation
  • Premium grade, color coded S-R PVC insulation
  • Bare copper per ASTM B-3, B-8 and B-286