Hubbell Wiring B2529

Wiring Device-Kellems B2529 Fully Adjustable Shallow Standard Sized Floor Box, Stamped Steel, 37.3 cu-in Capacity, 1 Outlets, 10 Knockouts, 6 in L x 4.81 in W x 2.91 in H
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262586 B2529
Hubbell Wiring
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Wiring Device-Kellems Floor Box, Fully Adjustable Shallow Standard Sized, 1 Outlets, 10 Knockouts, 1/2 in, 3/4 in Knockout, Round Shape, Surface Mounting, 37.3 cu-in Capacity, Stamped Steel, Brass/Galvanized, 6 in L x 4.81 in W x 2.91 in H
  • Features
  • Concentric knockouts permit various conduit sizes
  • Economical and light weight for above grade applications