Hubbell Wiring HBL2720SR

Hubbell® Twist-Lock® Safety-Shroud® HBL2720SR Shrouded Single Straight Locking Receptacle, 250 VAC, 30 A, 3 Poles, 4 Wires, Gray
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1150898 HBL2720SR
Hubbell Wiring
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Hubbell® Twist-Lock® Safety-Shroud® Locking Receptacle, Shrouded Single Straight, 250 VAC, 30 A, 3 hp, 3 Poles, 4 Wires, NEMA L15-30R, -40 to 75 deg C, Screw Terminal, PBT, Gray, 2.84 in W x 1.71 in D x 4.56 in H
  • Features
  • 2000 VAC minimum dielectric voltage withstand
  • Certified for current interrupting at full rated current
  • Maximum 30 deg C temperature rise at full rated current after 50 cycles of overload at 150% of rated current at a power factor of 0.75
  • Terminals identified in accordance with UL 498 (x, y, z, white, green) terminal identification
  • 4-wire grounding
  • UL 94 VO for receptacles and inlets, HB or better for plugs and connectors flammability
  • 30 A 10 AWG terminal accommodation
  • NO 10 to 32 brass (white finish on neutral screw when used) multi-drive terminal screw
  • Zinc plated steel mounting screws
  • 0.031 in brass ground contact
  • Natural white nylon body contact carrier material
  • Steel rivet material
  • Steel, nickel plated 0.08 in curved, scalloped terminal clamp material
  • Gray Valox® 357U housing and flange material
  • Galvanized steel mounting plate material
  • 3-phase
  • Alignment arrows with lock and unlock symbols provide a visual indication that devices are properly connected
  • Catalog number and color coded voltage rating are easily visible even when in use
  • Engineered thermoplastic housing is impact and corrosion resistant, making it suitable for heavy duty industrial environments