Raco 7120

RACO® 7120 Ceiling Fan Box, Polycarbonate, 12 cu-in Capacity, 2-5/8 in D
Fan and Ceiling Boxes
2294 7120
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RACO® Ceiling Fan Box, 4 in Diameter, Round Shape, Ceiling Mounting, 12 cu-in Capacity, Polycarbonate, Black, 2-5/8 in D Dimensions
  • Features
  • RACO® non-metallic cable boxes provide the installer with a cost alternative that is lightweight and easy-to install
  • Self-clamping wire entry clamps
  • Round fixture boxes offer an optional front mounted grounding screw
  • For use wherever fans (7120, 7120-1, 7120vb only) or lighting canopies are to be installed
  • 70 lb fan and 210 lb static fixture load
  • Unique saddle design straddles standard joints