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PHIL 476069 12PLC/T LED/32H/827/IF/
LED Candle and Deco Lamps
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PHILIPS Affordable LED replacements for compact fluorescent 4-pin & 2-pin lamps Reduced lighting costs;Excellent lighting uniformity and lumen maintenance;Unmatched compatiblity with existing ballasts Philips PLED 4-pin & 2-pin lamps are an affordable LED solution to replace compact flourescent lamps. The product provides a natural lighting effect for use in many lighting applications, and provides instant energy savings, making them an environmentally-friendly solution. Available as replacements for 13W, 26W and 32W compact fluorescent lamps. Excellent energy efficency;Horizontal lamps rotate to ensure the best possible lighting effect;Easy installation. Plug-and-play replacement of existing CFL-ni lamps;Conventional form factor fits into existing luminaires Retail & hospitality;Residential;Healthcare