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PHIL 549154 3.3B11/PER/950/CL/G/E26
LED Candle and Deco Lamps
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PHILIPS Energy saving elegance that gives a beautiful sparkle of light Long life -- lowers maintenance costs by reducing re-lamp frequency;Excellent color consistancy with high color rendering (CRI);Certain offerings with a warm glow effect dim to a cozy glow to set the mood Philips LED B11 candles offer energy saving ambiance with the elegant effect of incandescent candles. These designs provides light in an omnidirectional manner, giving lighting designers a long life alternative to standard incandescent sources. Smooth Dimming;Integrated compact driver design to achieve a decorative look and feels;Installs into existing candelabra and medium-based fixtures;15,000-hour rated average life;Wet location options available Restaurants;Hotels;Residential