Sturgeon RA-1720

Handy Straps® RA-1720 Insulated Cable Strap With Nail, 15/16 in Cable, Hole Mount, Plastic
Cable Straps and Staples
418508 RA-1720
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Handy Straps® Cable Strap, Insulated, 15/16 in Cable, Hole Mount, Gray Color, Plastic
  • Features
  • Plastic Insulation
  • Handy straps are individually injection molded from the best plastic available for this application
  • Their superior impact strength is retained even at low temperatures
  • Their fully insulated plastic saddles prevent cable damage and provide the safest installation of electrical wire and cable
  • The nails and screws used in our straps are zinc plated, and a yellow chromate provides added corrosion protection
  • Our nails are made from high carbon wire and drive easily without splitting the wood
  • Insulated Plastic Strap, High Carbon Wire Nail