Thomas & Betts LL28-4X-G

Ocal OCAL-BLUE LL28-4X-G Type LL Conduit Body, 3/4 in Hub, Form 8 Form, 8 cu-in Capacity, Iron, PVC Coated
Conduit Bodies Form 8 - PVC Coated
7030124 LL28-4X-G
Thomas & Betts
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  • Features
  • UL listed type 4X and NEMA 4X rating for excellent protection in wash down areas, as well as harsh outdoor environments exposed to moisture, rain, ice or snow
  • Double coated superior corrosion protection, bodies and covers coated inside and out with 0.002 in blue urethane, then exterior coated with a minimum of 0.04 in PVC
  • PVC coated cast iron conduit body comes with mated cast iron cover, injection molded with an integral O-ring seal and stainless steel encapsulated screws
  • Provide openings for making splices and taps in conductors
  • Connect conduit sections, make 90 deg bends in conduit runs
  • Provide taps for branch conduit runs
  • Provide for access to conductors for maintenance and future system changes