Thomas & Betts OAPA-1000

Blackburn OAPA-1000 Offset Pin Terminal With Insulating PVC Boot, 1000 kcmil Conductor, Die Code: 140, 0.9 in Dia x 2 in L Pin, Aluminum
Lug Compression Connectors
7359671 OAPA-1000
Thomas & Betts
$0.00 / ea

  • Features
  • Easily transition large aluminum cables into mechanical lugs
  • Simplify installations in tight working spaces
  • Knurled pins provide a solid contact area to ensure low resistance connection
  • Tin-plated to eliminate the possibility of galvanic corrosion
  • Pre-filled with oxide-inhibitor to ensure airtight termination
  • Kitted with an insulating boot to eliminate taping
  • High-conductivity aluminum alloy material