Thomas & Betts X-1-U-4020

Blackburn® X-1-U-4020 Insulated Service Entrance Splice, 2/0 AWG, 3/0 AWG, 4/0 AWG ACSR/Solid/Stranded Aluminum Conductor, Die Code: 840, 4 in L, Aluminum
Butt Splice Connectors
7477804 X-1-U-4020
Thomas & Betts
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Blackburn® Service Entrance Splice, Insulated, ACSR/Solid/Stranded Aluminum Conductor, 2/0 AWG, 3/0 AWG, 4/0 AWG Conductor, Die Code: 840, 4 in Length, Compression/Crimp Connector, Specifications: 2-Conductor, Pink End A/Gray End B Die Code, Aluminum, Gray/Pink
  • Features
  • Constructed from aluminum, provides high conductivity
  • Solid center barriers enable quick positioning, proper distribution of inhibitor around the wire and current equalization on stranded conductors
  • Easy cable installation
  • Prefilled with oxide inhibitor to prevent oxidation and keep out moisture
  • All splices are marked with installation die codes and compression locations for easy identification and installation
  • End A - 4/0 AWG ACSR, 4/0 AWG stranded, end B - 2/0 AWG ACSR, 2/0 AWG stranded, 3/0 AWG solid conductor
  • Tough stabilized nylon sleeves resist installing-tool pressure and provide reliable 600 VAC insulation
  • All seasons environmental conditions