Wattstopper CI-355

WattStopper® CI-355 Line Voltage Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor, 120/230/277/347 VAC, Passive Infrared Sensor, 1200 sq-ft Coverage, 360 deg Viewing, Wall Mount
Occupancy and Motion Sensors
6905913 CI-355
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WattStopper® Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor, Line Voltage, 120/230/277/347 VAC, 0 to 1500 W Power, Passive Infrared Sensor, 1200 sq-ft Coverage, 360 deg Viewing, 5 to 30 min Time Delay, LED/Tungsten Lamp, 50/60 Hz Response, Flying Lead Connection, Automatic On/Automatic Off Control Output, Wall Mounting, 35 deg C, Plastic, White, 4.5 in Dia x 1.45 in D Dimensions
  • Features
  • 95% relative humidity, non-condensing, for indoor use only environmental conditions
  • This passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor automatically turns lighting on and off based on occupancy
  • The sensor mounts on the ceiling with a flat, low profile appearance and provides 360 deg of coverage
  • Detection signature analysis eliminates false triggers and provides immunity to RFI and EMI
  • Walk through mode turns lights off 3 min after the area is initially occupied - ideal for brief visits such as mail delivery
  • Built-in light level sensor featuring simple, one step setup
  • Zero crossing for long relay life
  • Dip switch simplifies sensor adjustments
  • Clip mounting system makes ceiling tile installation simple
  • Uses existing line voltage wiring and doesn't require a power pack
  • 0 to 800 W ballast/tungsten/LED, 0 to 1200 W ballast led, 0 to 1500 W ballast led load rating
  • Ballast load type
  • 0 to 800 W at 120 VAC, 0 to 1200 W at 230 VAC, 0 to 1500 W at 277 VAC
  • No power pack required
  • Magnetic low voltage