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Southwire® 14782702 Type UF-B Underground Feeder Cable With Ground Wire, 600 VAC, (3) 6 AWG Copper Conductor, 125 ft L
Underground Feeder-UF Wire
343421 14782702
Wire & Cable
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Southwire® Underground Feeder Cable, Type UF-B, 600 VAC, 40 A, 3 Conductors, Copper Conductor, 6 AWG Conductor, 1059 x 319 mil OD, 125 ft Length, 7 Strands, PVC Insulation, PVC Jacket, Gray Jacket, 90 deg C
  • Features
  • Southwire® type UF-B cable is generally used as feeder to outside post lamps, pumps and other loads or apparatus fed from a distribution point in an existing building as specified in the national electrical code
  • UF-B cable may be used underground, including direct burial
  • UF-B can be used in applications permitted for NMC in section 334.10(B) of the national electrical Code, voltage rating for UF-B cable is 600 volts
  • Southwire® type UF-B cable is manufactured as a 2 or 3-conductor cable, with or without a ground wire
  • Copper conductors are annealed (soft) copper, solid or compressed stranded
  • Phase conductors are polyvinyl chloride (PVC insulated, nylon jacketed, color-coded for identification purposes)
  • Jacketed with sunlight, moisture and fungus resistant gray PVC
  • Cable shall be UL listed type UF-B, suitable for operation at 600 volts or less in all installations as specified in the national electrical code
  • Conductors shall be annealed copper manufactured by Southwire® company or approved equal