Wire & Cable 58389901

Southwire® SIMpull® 58389901 Type THHN Parallel Spool Proof Building Wire, 600 VAC, (3) 12 AWG Solid Copper Conductor, 600 ft L, Blue/Green/White
Colored THHN Copper Wire
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Wire & Cable
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Southwire® SIMpull® Building Wire, Type THHN Parallel Spool Proof, 600 VAC, 20 A, 3 Conductors, Solid Copper Conductor, 12 AWG Conductor, 600 ft Length, 19 Strands, PVC Insulation, Nylon Jacket, Blue/Green/White Jacket, 90 deg C
  • Features
  • SIMpull® NoLUBE® wire jacket eliminates the need for lubrication
  • Innovative design not only protects the wire, it allows you to stack and payoff directly from package into conduit
  • Extruded striped neutrals are standard in our CoilPAK™ payoff offering
  • Reduce install time, labor and material waste on the jobsite
  • Grab it, haul it, lift it, pull it
  • Easier installs dramatically reduce your planning time and overall waste
  • Designed to help reduce potential lifting/ handling/pulling injuries
  • Increased wire length leads to reduced scrap
  • Eliminate spools and additional material handling from the jobsite
  • Package fully encasesandhelps protect wire
  • Stackable when pulling single circuit up to 3 high
  • Heat, moisture, gasoline and oil-resistant
  • THHN or T90 nylon- dry locations not to exceed 90 deg C
  • 3-wire blue/white/green insulation color
  • The versatile design has options for every jobsite scenario