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Van Meter has a team of dedicated lighting specialists who have the experience to lead any lighting project to success. From lamps and fixtures to lighting design and audits, our lighting supply services can assist any industrial, commercial or institutional facility across the country improve energy efficiency and establish appropriate lighting levels.

The right lighting solution can improve staff productivity and mood, security, comfort levels, student performance, patient pain, and a whole host of other factors.

Encompassing 19% of commercial electricity consumption in 2014, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, lighting offers a remarkable opportunity for improvement. With a large inventory of lighting supply in stock, Van Meter is often able to send products directly to the jobsite the same day they’re ordered vs. shipping them later.


Retrofit projects to improve lighting can eliminate problems such as shady or dark areas, frequent maintenance, high utility bills, eye strain, glare, and flickering. The right lighting solution can also enhance visual clarity and color rendering.

Whatever lighting supply items you need for your next retrofit project, Van Meter stocks a wide range of products including ballasts, LEDs, high-efficiency lamps, lighting fixtures, outdoor lighting, etc. If you’re not exactly sure what lighting supply items you’ll need, we can help you figure that out, too.

New Construction/Design-Build

lighting supplyWhen you’re working on a new construction or design-build venture, effective project management and communication are critical to the success of the project.

Not only will Van Meter assist with finding lighting supplies for any new construction or design-build project, we’ll also help coordinate the logistical details. These services include confirming purchase orders, tracking, and making any changes needed to scheduling product deliveries. Instead of relying on your already-taxed workforce to handle these project details, let them stay focused on their work while we handle the lighting supply issues.

Lighting Controls

Lighting controls are often the key to unlocking the full energy-savings potential of a lighting system. With lighting supply solutions like daylight harvesting systems, occupancy sensors and automated blinds, you can create your own extensive control system based on pre-programmed schedules and scenes, as well as available daylight. 

Lighting Services

lighting supply servicesSometimes it’s not just lighting products you need – it’s figuring out how to reduce the amount of energy your lighting system uses, designing the right type of lighting for a specific space, or figuring out financing options. 

Our lighting audits bring a Van Meter expert to your site to conduct a thorough analysis of the existing lighting system. These audits can encompass indoor areas, exterior building shells, parking lots, street lighting or a combination of several areas. We’ll make sure the facility has accurate light, or offer a solution that will bring the lighting to the recommended/required levels. After the lighting audit is complete, you’ll have:

  • A better understanding of overall lighting energy usage
  • Insight on ways your lighting system may waste energy
  • Realistic lighting recommendations for improving lighting levels and reducing energy use
  • Assistance with selecting the lighting supply products that will work best for your project

Lighting audit services are provided at no cost to you, and don’t require any purchasing commitment. But if you like some of the suggestions we make, we can design a lighting layout based on our recommendations. Our design packages will show you how to maximize energy efficiency, ensure safety, and adhere to the latest legislative requirements.

Lastly, if you’re investing in a high-efficiency lighting system, there are opportunities for major savings – and we’ll help you find them. In addition to our design services, we’ll assist in finding any applicable rebates and incentives offered by area utilities. Van Meter also has information on available financing options that we can help facilitate to bring your project to fruition.

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