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Contract ServicesWarranties & Service Contracts

Warranties & Service Contracts

When something doesn’t go right on the jobsite, it can cause major project delays, lost productivity, and cost increases – not to mention major headaches. But you don’t have to worry about fixing unexpected problems on your own. Van Meter’s service contracts are built to keep your projects on track, no matter the circumstances.

Plant Services & Repair Parts

Need help with a repair, exchange, upgrade, or recertification? Contact Van Meter. A specialist will coordinate parts pick-up, get your parts to the right place, and return them once they’re fixed. Your specialist will also complete the necessary paperwork, coordinate shipping arrangements, and manage the repair process – no matter the manufacturer. All of our remanufacture and repair work is covered under a minimum one-year warranty.

TechConnect Support

techconnect supportWith a customized TechConnect Support contract created just for you, your site receives 24/7 unlimited, real-time access to Rockwell Automation’s global network of SCP-certified Customer Support Centers and technical resources.

To keep projects moving, you’ll have immediate access to experienced electricians and engineers to get information about:

  • Installing, configuring, and maintaining equipment and software
  • Obtaining software updates
  • Diagnosing and fixing operating problems
  • Performing basic programming tasks

Best Practices

Best Practices

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