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Technology Helping Make Intern Project a Success

July 20, 2017 | News | Company

it intern

The interns are continuing to overcome obstacles left and right in the digitization process of their will-call project through the use of technology in the staging process. As technology becomes more prevalent in today’s world, continually improving Van Meter’s will-call processes are critical to support and provide lasting value to its customers. Information technology intern, Nolan Kuntz, understands just how important his role in information technology (IT) is to the success of the intern will-call project. Kuntz has contributed to the project by helping set up Zoom meetings, providing laptops, and troubleshooting issues to ensure the progress and success of the project.

nolan kuntz

“As the only IT intern at Van Meter I have to be prepared to step up and find solutions when technical problems arise, whether that’s setting up users with VMware on laptops when we’re working on the project from remote locations, or navigating the shared drive to decide the best location to store our project documents. I take pride in using my knowledge and skills to make our intern team successful.”

– Nolan Kuntz (University of Northern Iowa)


Also, this week, the interns and the new employee-owners went through Foundations training. The 2-day program organized by learning and development was filled with educational lectures, instructional games, and great exposure to the culture of Van Meter. The Culture and 5 P’s training proved to be effective in challenging the interns and new employee-owners to find ways in which they can create lasting value for those we serve. Through this training and the Customer Experience training, Kuntz was able to make a connection to the Partner P of the company’s culture and discuss how he creates lasting value and improves the customer experience through his role in IT.

“Being the IT intern, I have no direct interaction with the external customers of Van Meter. However, I consider every intern and employee-owner as a customer of mine. When I’m able to help someone, they, in turn, affect the customer. If our sales team can’t connect to the customer, that’s a big problem. Through the Partner P of our culture, we (the IT team) help everyone stay connected so our customers stay satisfied.”

Through his internship, Kuntz has been able to contribute to the continuous improvement of the company through his individual projects including Windows 10 reimaging and performing Microsoft Outlook to Exchange migrations, as well as contributing his IT skills to the intern project. Read next week’s blog to learn about the Automation Department and their contributions to the intern project.

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