Panduit FLCDM3.0EI

Panduit® OptiCam™ FLCDM3.0EI Pre-Polished Simplex Fiber Optic Connector With 3 mm Electric Ivory Boot, LC Connector, 62.5/125 um OM1 Multi-Mode Fiber, 3 mm Jacketed, Zirconia Ceramic Ferrule
7293290 FLCDM3.0EI
$0.00 / ea

  • Cable Construction: 3 mm Jacketed
  • Color: Electric Ivory
  • Connector Type: LC
  • Ferrule Type: Zirconia Ceramic
  • Fiber Type: 62.5/125 um OM1 Multi-Mode
  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Pre-Polished Simplex
  • Features
  • Rear pivot latch design, robust construction
  • Longer beam reduces deflection during mating and unmating to reduce latch fatigue, leading to longer cycle life
  • Anti-snag latch, low-profile latch resists cable snagging
  • Wide positive grip thumb latch, multi-grooved, full body width thumb latch improves grip for better control during matings/unmatings
  • Promotes fast, easy MACs in high density applications
  • Audible click upon successful mating provides user with a definitive signal of successful connector mating
  • Field installable duplex clip with integrated polarity markers allows fast, easy field polarity changes without tools, quick identification of polarity
  • One connector body design for both simplex and duplex applications
  • Protective cap automatically locks onto connector latch, completely covering connector end, prevents ferrule endface damage by providing protection from contamination and impact
  • Anaerobic adhesive field installation simplifies and reduces installation time by 50% compared to heat cured epoxy terminations, curing oven/time not required
  • Rugged body construction
  • Independent free floating ferrules ensures physical fiber contact for consistent low return loss, unlike unitary multi-fiber ferrule connectors
  • 1.25 mm ceramic ferrule provide the highest durability for repeated matings
  • Non-optical disconnect maintains data transmission under tensile loads for jacketed cable